Professionals for Africa is a network of UK-based professionals who either identify as African or have an interest in Africa.

Jubril Enakele was the original driving force behind the concept of Professionals for Africa network in London, having organised the very first network drinks in Canary Wharf back in 2010.  He was later joined by Sarah Fitzgerald, Cody Aduloju and Nzube Ufodike.

The network consists of successful individuals from a refreshingly wide cross section of industries and sectors.  Feedback has shown those who attend Professionals for Africa events often establish the beginning of friendships and partnerships that produce unanticipated, but favourable results in different areas of interest.  This network is unique because it provides the ideal balance between social and professional networking for African professionals or professionals interested in Africa.

UK-based events are attended by members of the network which currently boasts a membership in excess of 1500 professionals.

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